Poppin’ Bottles: Helix Twist- off wine cork

Who remembers drinking wine with pieces of broken up cork in it. Opening bottles of wine is a task and sometimes it can turn into a bottle-of-wine-ruining disaster. Well that will hopefully not happen anymore with the creation of the Helix Cork.

The Helix Cork is a new wine stopper that allows bottles to be opened with a simple twist of the cork. No more poppin’ bottle corks into someone’s eye or splitting the cork back into the bottle. Debuted at the Vinexpo this year, the cork simply twists on & off but keeps a tight seal on the wine. The cork is threaded with agglomerated cork so that it forms a seal with the grooves of the specially designed bottleneck. While this is a great idea, it will only work with bottles with corresponding grooves. It may be awhile before we see these corks in action but when they arrive on the scene, wine enthusiasts will be pleased.

Source: www.stupiddope.com