Resulting from a four year collaboration between Amorim and O-I, the development of Helix has benefited from both companies’ expertise in packaging design and innovation.

A modern breakthrough

Helix offers premium quality, excellent taste preservation and environmental benefits associated with both glass and cork. Helix is a modern, innovative and highly convenient solution.

Validated through extensive technical tests

In extensive testing conducted by Amorim and O-I, wine stored in glass bottles with cork stoppers showed no alteration in terms of taste, aroma or colour over a period of 26 months. Both free and total SO2 tests results met  wine industry standards.

Further testing conducted by the companies subjected Helix bottles and corks, filled with still white wine and stored horizontally, to a temperature of 35ºC for 30 days. When evaluated after this period, the Helix wine packaging solution delivered stellar performance in key areas, including:

  • Sealing capacity
  • Wine migration
  • Wine absorption
  • Manual removal of cork
  • Manual reinsertion of cork