New twistable corks save wine – and your tastebuds

You want to be a hit at that dinner party so splash out on a flash bottle of plonk.

When the evening arrives you uncork your prize, raise a glass and… spit out a mouthful of cork.

Well, no more – a twistable, re-sealable version of the original wine cork could be the answer to your problems.

It was unveiled at the International VinExpo wine fair in Bordeaux today, could be on shelves within two years.

The Helix cork and bottle has a thread finish that allows drinkers to twist the stopper open and closed again, creating an airtight barrier.

Its makers say it banishes ‘cork taint’ – the sour, musty taste that ruins wine.

The Helix is the result of a four-year partnership between Portuguese cork manufacturer Amorim and US bottle maker O-I, which is aiming it at the £5 to £10 market.

O-I Europe president Erik Bouts said the response in tests with connoisseurs was ‘overwhelmingly positive’.