Amorim announces ‘new generation’ spiral wine stopper

Cork manufacturer Amorim has got together with O-I, the world’s biggest glass company, to create what they call 'a new generation' of stoppers.

Helix is a grooved agglomerated cork stopper, which fits into specially-cast bottle with a matching thread in is neck.
‘It offers user-friendly “twist and pour – twist and close” opening and resealing, alongside all the premium image and proven performance of natural cork and glass,’ the companies say.

The new bottles are made by Ohio-based O-I, which operates 79 plants in 21 countries, including in every major wine-producing region. It has evolved ‘in tandem’ with the wine industry, it says.

The companies stress the environmental credentials of both cork and glass: ‘The flexible cork is formed from selected granules of 100% natural cork oak bark, hand- harvested in the forests that absorb 14,000 tonnes of waste CO2 annually. The bottle… contains a high percentage of recycled glass.’

The system, is aimed at the £5-£10 market, has taken four years to come to market. It has been tested successfully with consumers in France, US, China and the UK. Bottles fitted with the closure have also been tested for the strength of the cork stopper, its sealing capacity and the effect on the wine during ageing.

‘Helix combines all the benefits of cork and glass – quality, sustainability and premium image with user-friendly, re-sealable convenience. It can be quickly and easily implemented by wineries with only a minor adjustment to the existing filling lines,’ a press release said.