The ritual of uncorking the bottle, and the “pop” heard as the cork is released are beloved parts of the wine experience. For the very first time, consumers can enjoy this classic ritual, including the associated “pop”, without the need for a corkscrew, thanks to Helix.

Helix enables wine consumers to open the bottle simply by holding and twisting the cork stopper. After opening, the bottle can be closed with the same convenience.

Validated by consumers as “the best of both worlds”

Consumer research carried out in France, the UK, China and the USA demonstrated an overwhelmingly positive response to Helix in all markets. Respondents described it as smart, aesthetic, convivial, interesting  and surprising. Furthermore, they highlighted the following benefits:

  • Combines the premium image of traditional cork with the convenience of easy opening
  • Enjoyable to open – the “twist and pop”
  • Innovative, unique and modern
  • Premium and elegant
  • Easy to re-seal
  • Protects wine like a regular cork
  • Sustainable