There’s a new cork in town. Here’s Helix.

Portugals’ main export to the world is cork, and Corticeira Amorim is the world leader company in cork products. Using its expertise Corticeira Amorim joined forces with the American company Owens Illinois, world’s largest glass bottle producer and created a unique bottle and a unique cork, which will be revealed in this year’s Vinexpo, world largest wine fair.

This novelty in the market will make it possible for one to open a wine bottle that has cork with its fingers only.

Such novelty is supposed to hit the markets only in 2014 and its main destination according to its producers is fast consumption wines, with price range vary from 5 to 10 euros.

During the test the reception from wine producers and consumers were excellent. The cork made out of cork composite is a state of the art addition to wine.

This cork was produced in order to preserve and not change any of the characteristics of wine.

At last some good news and a fine response from the cork industry to the uprising of plastics taps and metal screw tops that in my humble opinion do not belong to the wine world.

Has they say in Portugal “Haja saude”.