Screw-Cap wines are screwed: Meet the brand-new Helix Cork

Portuguese cork manufacturer Amorim and Owens-Illinois Glass Company have teamed up to produce a brand-new wine drinking experience: the twisty cork! It has all the grippability of a champagne cork, but with an eye-pleasing (and functional) helix twist.

The permeability of cork as a material allows a tiny bit of wine to seep in, expand the cork and provide the tightest seal possible. The new Helix design is constructed with agglomerated cork, which expands less, according to the report an industry trade journal Drinks Business Review. This might create the potential for oxygen to permeate...unless you spent four years researching how to prevent that from happening (which they did). The grooves of the helix design itself create a tight seal and best of all, unlike that half of a cork that broke off your last bottle, the Helix is entirely resealable without being a plastic or metal screw cap.

Erik Bouts, president of Owens-Illinois Europe, says of the new product: "Cork is still by far the preferred stopper. Our research has found that at least 80% of consumers prefer the cork and glass combination for their wine. It has the highest-quality image in the market and now we have made it easier to use. And it is still the most sustainable option."

Just when boxed wine got good, too.