A new twist on wine with Helix

An interesting hybrid, with a twist, has arrived in the world of wine bottle enclosures and it’s quite genius.  The Helix “twist to open” system is not only ergonomically designed but integrates the design in the cork and bottle, allowing you to open a cork, with a twist.

The best part is that the same system allows you to twist the cork back in to store the rest of the bottle (IF there’s actually any wine left in my case).

“Helix twist elix meets consumers’ growing desire for sustainability and quality, while delivering the brand building and premium image packaging wineries rely upon,” says Antonioto open system Amorim, Chairman and CEO of Amorim. “We are delighted to offer the market not only a 100-percent renewable, modern product, but also a solution that enhances the wine drinking experience through opening and resealing convenience.”

Metal screw caps have been improved over the past few years and I think can often be the best way to store wine in a bottle. However, the average consumer is not yet sold as they are often identified with cheap wines. The Helix might be the answer for the full “bottle experience” and the convenience of storage and reuse. Plus, you never need to remember your corkscrew!

This article hosts underneath the text, the You Tube Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVtYiQjpfw4&feature=youtu.be

Source: www.unlockwine.com