Amorim launches new natural cork

At Vinexpo, recently held in Bordeaux, Amorim launched a new way to seal a wine bottle called Helix Concept.

Helix Concept is in fact both a bottle and a cork. The cork is a slightly longer version of the kind of cork you would put on a fortified wine. The bottle neck is specially designed with grooves to enable the consumer to open the bottle by only twisting the cork. So no corkscrew is needed. The target group for the Helix Concept is wines with relatively short shelf life in the medium price range. An alternative for those who want the facility of a screw cap but the prestige of a natural cork. The cork is supposed to be treated so that there is no risk if cork taint.

Portuguese company Amorim is the world’s largest producer of natural cork. Learn more about Helix Concept